The Association of Treasury Lawyers (the Association) is historically affiliated to International Banking Associations and as such covers every major Bank in the world through such relationships.

Historically the Association convenes Panels of experts who may be Chief Representatives or Directors of Banks, to form an Arbitration Tribunal. These issues may include, but are not limited to misconduct and illegality within the Banking Industry.

The Tribunal is free to adopt international arbitration rules, and for illustration purposes, the Association has been invited to adopt Singapore International Arbitration Centre (or SIAC) rules in Singapore.

Treasury Lawyers have enjoyed recognition by The Law Society of England & Wales since prior to year 2000 & consequently High Courts have concurred

from factfile: relevant date being 26th January 2001, 3PM by a High Court Registrar in Singapore, & other courts & jurisdictions followed - thereby Treasury Lawyers enjoy Court Recognition for being equivalent to Solicitors of England & Wales.

Treasury Lawyers, owing to the constitution of The Association's International Law Panel, may thus be defined simultaneously or synonymously as:

Solicitors of England & Wales equal in standing to that of 'magic circle' City (of London) Firms given inter alia The Associations affiliations, un-paralleled financial strength, & capability

Swiss Lawyer standing & affiliation / other jurisdictions not relevant on this webpage

Our Media Panel has included Broadcasters & our experience in Television & Television Financing is a niche interest of The Association of Treasury Lawyers

latest insert includes Tribute to Gerald Godfrey CBE QC

our ATL Law Net / Panel has included International Law Firms since inception

we pay Tribute posthumously to Gerald Godfrey CBE QC as the first Honorary Chancellor of ATL or Treasury Chancellor who has been on
our Panel since our meeting him in Hong Kong -

he met us in capacity as retired HK judge and was most supportive of our Banking, & Regulation platform given the ability to draw opinion from a leading Panel & thereby represent Industry Opinion ie of a cross-section of Every Major Bank

and given our overlap with Banking & Finance Regulation we/ ATL were concurrently welcomed by the HKMA (Cathy Chan) and the Law Society (HK) in 2004 by the Director of Practitioners Affairs(Joyce Wong),

we seek to continue a warm friendship with the Law Society (HK)...and Financial Regulators alike..recently we added the BOJ to our 'friends list' given official referral to Japanese corporations for green events / collaboration in 2009.

Since the Hong Kong Law Society welcomed ATL to practice via its alliance or Law Net approach

this led to our Law Net being formed which has included, inter alia, Jones Day. Participation in the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Education and International Liaison sub-Committees are relevant to CLE points awarded.

The launch in 2010/2011 of the Russian Asian Chamber of Commerce(RACC) and the Russian Asian Arbitration Center in S'pore & HK...leads to our leadership as a Court of Arbitration that spans Russia and Asia. We shall link with the Permanent Court of Arbitration @ the Hague in due course.

Our widest recognition currently is as Consultant, and Partner equivalent in a KL Law Firm in Sept 2010. This after a warm exchange with the Regulator, BNM. We also obtained advisement from a Panel member from Allen & Gledhill (Malaysia affiliate) as part of our Malaysia experience.

In 2010, our recommendations to join Law Firms in Commonwealth Countries, including Australia as Partner

has currently led to Partner standing in a Singapore based Law Firm via a Law Net referral

Given that ATL has obtained CLE Points via affiliated Corporate Counsel Associations we are regularly offered to cross-over as International Lawyers - minimum standing
being Partner in a Law Firm.

In 2010 ATL received recommendations as 'super lawyer' for the period 2009/2010 given representation of Sectors of Industry which create leadership for clients...

These Sectors include..[below is a brief list only]
Venture Capital Advisory & Private Banking
Hedge Fund Formation & Regulation
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Medical Law & Ethics
Transport Industry / Green Transport
Art Law & Private Museums
Champagne Industry Thru Awards

Our Media Division is LegalNewsWires - launched for
     (i)  our Legal Ratings Agency – a credible leader in the wake of the
           financial crisis where multiple conflict exists with Ratings Agencies
     (ii) the Dissemination of Principles of Cases eg within Project Finance
           we focus on prevention of theft of proprietary information.

The goodwill of the Association by virtue of its recognition with judiciary including registrars is valued at STG1/-Trillion - simply a fraction of the value of the worlds major Treasuries. 

If you are applying for affiliation or to use the title 'Treasury Lawyer' please submit an application in writing to

It would be preferable if you could attach your legal certificates including relevant Central Bank examinations.

As the Association has a responsibility to give back to the community, it contributes to Foundations and Charities through its affiliate Foundations Advisory International which in turn has relationships with every major Bank for the purpose of setting up Foundations.

The Association of Treasury Lawyers & Treasury Professionals

Since inception The Association of Treasury Lawyers(ATL) has been working
with Treasury well as the Hedge Fund, or trading community
at large via University events.

Reservation of our Intellectual Property via this website therefore includes ATL,
and The Association of Treasury Professionals as an extension of ATL's reach.

To join our Education Committee please email
for a list of Universities near you & for Special Events relating to the
trading community. We have Alumni representatives from various
Universities who will be pleased to review your proposals.
For Treasury Education our IP includes
Treasury Law School for which we receive proposals

We are the accreditation body for Finance Industry Arbitration & we work alongside Law Societies and Arbitration Centers having a similar function.

particularly arising from our cross border role - being the No1 Ranked Law Org for cross border Investment Banking Treasury Law and Bank Settlements as well as Global Central Banking

For Global Central Banking we are a Caveat Registration Organisation with a auto settlement mechanism.
We workout solutions with Law Firms and Banks using Mediation Arbitration / auto settlement mechanisms.
ATL Representing the office of Treasury Chancellor: being effectively a Finance Industry CJ role
ATL is Compliance Owner (100% and without limitations) of the Franchise of DBS Bank
NB: this defined as a Regulatory Check & Balance role without limitation in time.

We have a top tier Advisory Board / Panel for Global Central Banking &
for Bank Foundations [our role for being No1 Globally for Foundations Law]

ie Philanthropic Resolutions consistent with Govt Funding Programs and
a unanimous opinion subsists for eg: Educational Scholarship Fund formation

Singapore's Largest Investment Bank Under an Industry Association
As a Banking Industry Association ATL warehouses the largest Hybrid Investment Bank globally and is now officially Singapore's Largest Investment Bank in terms of Goodwill being USD1Trillion

For a list of 4 Law Firms under moratorium for fraudulent litigation please email us.


Treasury Law Org & some definitions
We are a Banking Law Org / Banking Law Society
Ranked No 1 as a Cross Border Law Org Working Seamlessly Alongside 
Any local Law Society / Bar Association
thru London Law Lists originally, and since expanded
Strictly a Treasury Law Org is wider than merely the Banking Industry and covers Finance Industry - utilising Compliance Audit Analysis
we have a Chief Legal Auditor / Compliance Auditor role for Judiciary, Governments ie Industry wide

We utilise Legal Ratings Analysis which are over & above Financial Ratings 
eg a Legal Rating of Triple A is higher than Financial Rating of Triple A given by a Financial Ratings Agency which more often than not is tainted by conflict 
(Research Sources include CNBC showing Financial Ratings Agencies being conflicted & thus causing the 2008 Financial Crisis)
Via our Professor Network 
Current Paper: Compliance Auditing Resulting in (Bankruptcy)
Mandatory Subordination of Bank Franchises (or  entities)
to come under a Banking Law Org / Law Society
via the office of Treasury Chancellor

(this applies to Related Entities eg Law Firms)
Inherently Creates Mandatory Alliance, where efficacy requires Joint Regulation of Law Firms via Law Org to Law Org (Law Society) Dissemination 
Having a Master of the Rolls(MR) function, the office of Treasury Chancellor has a seamless MR function with any local Law Society /Bar Assn & in any country / jurisdiction which is a UN Signatory
Mandatory Subordination Banks: includes DBS Bank
where Management were Lessors & now are Lessees of the Franchise given our Superior Ownership ie: Legal Rating of Triple A arises for announcing 'hits' on former staff / being an 'ah long' 
and similarly
Mandatory Subordination of Law Firms:
includes Allen & Overy for Double Conflict - 
already occurred and has been disseminated via
Law Org to Law Org Press Release & worldwide thru Legal Newswires
Generally a superior Law  Firm Franchise is deployed to Restructure Law Firms
Mandatory Subordination of other Financial Entities:
this includes Phillip Capital (& the Franchise ie Phillip Securities)
Mandatory Subordination of Government Entities/Law Orgs:
includes in S’pore the SCCA, Legal Aid Bureau, ACRA,
Ministry of Health (since acknowledgement of USD1/-Trillion cost penalty
our Medical Council acquires any Medical Institution for Medical Corruption
eg NHG Group).
Consolidation As a Cross Border Law Org
Since we originated as the Lawyers Equivalent of the ISDA we are the largest Cross Border Law Org. and have successfully answered the US Fed’s call for Cross Border Regulators.
Further consolidation of our IP includes our Banking/Treasury Law Society
Via the office of Treasury Chancellor keeping a roll as MR of
Treasury Solicitors & Treasury Barristers worldwide / 
we act as MR with Law Societies seamlessly.
Treasury Solicitors / Treasury Barristers in any Civilised Jurisdiction Commonwealth Country/UN Signatory
We are an MR function for the Finance Industry expanded seamlessly to include the Legal Industry [Law Org to Law Org/Law Society having overlapping responsibilities] and also define/consolidate the role of Treasury Solicitors & / or Treasury Barristers and shall work with Govts
ie: alongside AGC’s & / or seamlessly with Law Societies to restructure Law Firms independently given our Cross Border role
to achieve prosecutions or Equitable Resolutions consistent with the Administration of Justice hence we are further defined as Quasi Govt Lawyers  that are aligned to the interests of Governments as well as the International Community.
NB: We have had Governments on Committee from time to time, including the British Govt.



Latest Press Release
Highlights for 2010 / 2011 for ATL follow -
Below was Press Released to our Law Net, & Professor Network
Highest Rank for Banking Law & Finance Industry Compliance

1. ATL represents thru expanded Quasi Judicial & Judicial Panels.. the highest Regulatory Role in Banking Law worldwide, being the office of Treasury Chancellor.
This platform originally intended for Commonwealth jurisdictions, & given that we are the only Cross Border Law Org our capability remains in any civilised jurisdiction where Treasury Master
Agreements or inter-Bank Master Agreements are negotiated.
ATL has Honoured Gerald Godfrey CBE QC as the First Honourary Treasury Chancellor for his loyal & steadfast support.
No 1 Law Rank in London, Singapore & Hong Kong
2. ATL Represents a Group of Elite Law Firms via multiple Legal Consultancies

- ATL Achieves No 1 Ranking as a Law Org in London, S'pore and Hong Kong
thru its Goodwill value exceeding GBP1Trillion
Definitive / Leading Role for Financial Broadcasting

3. Exclusive Ownership of the Body of Law being Treasury Law Worldwide
via Legal Broadcasting on Legal Newswires & thru Uncontested Callable
Bank Credit Notes

or Callable Bonds Arising from Misconduct

above exceeds US2/-Bn & as stated on web upper limit exceeds GBP1Trillion
being being Goodwill value.

- ATL favours inter-bank settlements as the Best Resolution Mechanism

- ATL achieves a Clean Takeover of the Champagne Industry thru Awards

Our Original IP acknowledged by Universities & Professors we Consult with includes

below can be tailored in each jurisdiction
Treasury Professor
Treasury Analyst
Treasury PhD

Other Awards
IB Lawyer of the Year / Decade and
Awards for Banking/Treasury Innovation

 ATL & Permanent Check & Balance Role - Example
Press Release on Prevention of Banking Crime

ATL being a unit of Salomon Brothers has a permanent check & balance role on errant banks who have a penchant for 'killing off' their former employees by partnering 'the police' / similar threats amounting to illegal Harassment. Precisely 1year after due diligence was conducted ATL marks the anniversary in April 2011 of Mr Andrew Ng's giving away the Franchise of DBS Bank
ref: ATL-dbS
which the office of Treasury Chancellor - reluctantly - holds, pending resolution.
Within the Banking Industry the rank of Treasury Lawyer is the equivalent to that
of a Queens Counsel or Senior Counsel ie ATL are historically
Senior Practitioners who are judicially / quasi-judicially ranked.
[Please email us for our London Panel list]

ATL possesses its own Certification as all Law Orgs do, and is effectively the largest Law & Investment Banking Practice worldwide with a Goodwill value of GBP1Trillion.

ATL are welcomed as practitioners in Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore
via a practice route B2B with Law Firms.
Our Banking Law Org effectively Banking Law Society with quasi judicial origins 
in preventing / dissolving Banking misconduct or eg; gang formation.. 
does not affect the public thru any 
weekend restructurings or Compliance Takeovers
post(after) informing the AGC and PMO, 
as well as our Broadcaster Network & Law Societies which are corresponding Law Orgs, Worldwide

We are hiring Solicitors of England & Wales Advocates & Solicitors of Singapore, Hong Kong Solicitors / lawyers from other jurisdictions

as a No 1 Law Org with London and Swiss origins expanded to Asia since inception.. and conceptualised since 1997 as a unit of Salomon (for Banking Regulation).



High Court lodged documents available for international recognition.
Through Institutional Panels in Major Jurisdictions:
Treasury Lawyers are multi-jurisdictional Lawyers
Trademark & Service Mark